If you’re considering doing a kitchen remodeling or bath remodeling project, it’s good to understand what the rest of the country thinks about it. Knowing what the majority of people like, dislike or are spending their money on will help you get the best bang for your buck.

We’ve pulled some of the most pertinent data to help you understand more about what would make your project most successful.

Kitchen Remodeling Return on Your Investment

A kitchen or bath remodel is one of the most lucrative projects you can do in your home. They both have some of the highest returns on the money you can spend remodeling.

Kitchen remodeling ROI


Most Common Remodeling Projects

Many people understand the value of a kitchen or bath remodel, which is likely the reason both of them are by far the most popular home project undertaking.

Kitchen remodeling popularity


Budget Concerns

If you’re worried that you may go over budget on your remodel project, you’re not alone. Other’s experiences may help you plan for your own. Below are budget vs. actual spending numbers based on amount spent. Kitchen remodeling budget


Motivations for Doing a Kitchen Remodel

Do you wonder why others take on kitchen remodels? Compare these common reasons to your own.

Kitchen remodeling motivation


Top Trends Over Last Couple of Years

You’ll want to consider what people are looking for when you do your project. These things may help you decide what would be most popular especially if you’re looking to sell in the near future.

Top Kitchen Trends During 2015

  1. Clean with an overall contemporary feeling – A fusion of styles and multiple colors in one kitchen
  2. European-styled cabinets
  3. Multiples of appliances in one kitchen.
  4. The rise of steam ovens
  5. Furniture-look pieces
  6. Outdoor kitchens
  7. Fewer standard kitchen tables, replaced by counters or tall gathering tables
  8. TVs and docking stations
  9. Wine refrigerators
  10. Focus on the user experience from easy maintenance to accessible design – Considering the needs of all users in the space, including pets

Top Bathroom Trends During 2015

  1. Clean, white, contemporary designs to dominate in 2015
  2. Floating vanities
  3. Open-shelving
  4. Electric heated floors
  5. Purple haze
  6. Trough sinks
  7. User experience and accessibility
  8. Amenities
  9. Innovative storage
  10. Showers and freestanding tubs

Other Choices

When considering different design and style options for your kitchen, the ones highlighted below are the most common and popular choices specified by designers, also showing those that are increasing and decreasing.

Style Choices

Color Schemes

Cabinet Finishes

Cabinet Material

Storage Choices


These statistics can help guide you to the best solution for your remodel project. The last thing you want to do is make a decision that will be unpopular with the person that will look at buying your house. Nor do you want to spend money in a way that will not make your house more valuable to you.

Discuss these things with your kitchen designer and determine the best route to get you the most value out of your project.