202-stovetop2Choosing a range is one of the many important decisions to be made in a kitchen remodel. If your budget is flexible and you’re looking to impress others and exceed all of your cooking goals, there are many options out there for you to consider.

Electric Range

Electric stovetops have long been looked down upon by the cooking elite and those that aspire to be. They are not as accurate or precise as their gas counterparts. But the electric oven has its benefits. It consumes less energy and is easier to install than a gas oven. It also holds the temperature more consistently and cooks food more evenly.

Gas Range

Gas stovetops are generally preferred for several reasons. Temperature change is immediate and very accurate. Gas stoves also give off less heat than an electric stove, leaving you with a cooler kitchen overall. The stovetop (space around the actual burner) gets less hot during use.

Another large benefit – a gas range still works during a power outage. Hurricane, ice storm, government shutdown… whatever the reason may be, you can cook up all of the contents of your refrigerator before they spoil. Feed your whole neighborhood!

But a gas oven is not as popular, especially with bakers. They don’t hold their temperature as reliably, which can lead to inconsistent cooking.

Dual Fuel

Someone had the brilliant idea to combine the best of both types! It’s called a Dual Fuel Range and it gives you the precise control of a gas cooking surface with the consistency of an electric oven. Don’t you wish you had invented it and were sitting back counting your royalty checks right now? Well, you can’t do that, but you can put one in your kitchen if you are so inclined.

Depending on the features, an electric or gas range will cost around $500-2000. As with most new technology, a dual fuel range will cost you a little more, in the neighborhood of $1500-4000. The choice is yours!