194-football2Football has officially started and it’s everywhere in almost every conversation. To help you choose which flooring to use for the bathroom or the kitchen, let’s have some fun and play out the game.

Kitchen for the first down

Ease of cleaning and durability are top criteria for kitchen flooring. Below are just some of the many options to choose from. The lineup in this game is:

  • First up is Linoleum Plank flooring. This flooring is recommended for the kitchen and allows the room to have that warm look and feel. Linoleum has high density fiberboard construction so it is not recommended in rooms that become very wet. Inexpensive, this flooring provides that easy to clean surface.
  • Next is Cork, also recommended for kitchens. Cork is environmentally friendly and can be a little expensive. It is a panel fiberboard material, so it would not be good in areas that could get mostly wet. Holds well with moderate traffic areas.
  • Last but not least; Wood.  Wood floors add the hominess feel to the room. It withstands the heavy traffic, but when used in the kitchen make sure to apply good protective finish to guard against moisture of any kind.

The fumble…

There are also choices that are good with both kitchen and bathrooms such as ceramic tile, certain type of linoleum, and vinyl.

  • Ceramic Tile is recommended for both kitchen and bathrooms. Tiles are easy to maintain, super durable, resists dents, dings and scratches. Although tile is a great option, it is prone to cracks and can be slippery when wet. Try to consider tile with textured surfaces.
  • Vinyl, also good for bathroom and kitchens is affordable, comes in many styles, is easy to clean and maintain, but must have a urethane wear layer. The life span on these floor s range from 5 to 20 years, depending on quality and installation.
  • Linoleum tile flooring. You can have them for 40 plus years, depending on quality and installation, and linoleum tile can be used in both bathroom and kitchen because water would not have any effect on the material.

Bathrooms for the recovery of the fumble

Linoleum, ceramic tile, and vinyl are functional flooring choices that have a range for any budget. All of those choices can be used in kitchens as well.  Bathroom flooring isn’t as tough as a decision to make if you keep some particular issues in mind. Choose a material that is water resistant and is safe when walking across the wet floor.

The winning touchdown

When thinking about flooring options, keep these few questions in mind. How much traffic will the floor receive? Is it Pet friendly flooring? Will the floor be exposed to moisture regularly? How often is the floor likely to need cleaning? And last, but certainly not least, how long do you expect the floor to last? If you ask those same questions when picking out flooring, you are sure to have the right floor for the right room with a winning choice.