196-corner-cabinetThe corner of any kitchen is often the hardest area to design well. With cabinets, drawers and appliances that all open outward, collisions will happen if it gets too crowded, but it can also become wasted dead space as well. Consider these solutions to get the most out of your kitchen corners:

Think Outside the Box

Everything doesn’t have to be to one side or the other. Why not put an important part of your kitchen in the corner like a sink or range? It definitely makes the space more useful and can open up your kitchen to new work space and storage. It will also make your kitchen unique.

If you’re doing a major remodel, you might consider adding windows to your corner and putting a sink below them. This way you can enjoy lots of natural light and an entertaining view while working at the sink. You’re the executive chef, so why not have a corner office?

Corner fit range hoods and vents are appearing more and more in the US as people begin to put their ranges in the corner. Going this route can make your kitchen work triangle more functional and allows for a fancy range, hood, and backsplash to really stand out as the focal point of your kitchen.

Spruce Up the Box

If you’re not quite ready to put your sink or range in the corner, there are other options to make it more useful. You can add bench seating and a small table for a cozy breakfast nook. You could also use the window idea and have your cabinets meet a window in the corner. Just make sure the cabinets will be able to open a full 90 degrees without hitting the window.
Some other ways to revitalize your corners are:

  • Decorate the space with a piece of unique artwork or pottery
  • Make it a kitchen office space or technology hub
  • Wrap floating shelves around the corner
  • In a pantry, use a tall lazy susan

Kitchen corners are often a wasted space, and that means money down the drain, so as you prepare for your remodel, consider ways you can make your corners work for you.