173-kitchen-island-floorIf you’ve ever had a party or a family gathering at your home, you know the frustration that comes from multiple cooks in the kitchen. With several people preparing food simultaneously the kitchen sink often becomes a high demand area, and that can lead to confrontations. One way to alleviate that headache is by adding a second sink to your kitchen.

Two Sinks Equals Half the Time

Whether you’re cooking for 2 or 12, adding a second sink can really help speed up food prep and clean up. With two sinks you can have two people either prepping food or cleaning dishes at the same time; meaning these tasks are taken care of twice as fast. That leaves more time for dining and enjoying the company of others.

But having two sinks can prove beneficial in more situations as well, and determining what you’ll use your second sink for will help you with the important decision of where to place it.

Location, Location, Location

You can place your second kitchen sink wherever you would like, but if you’re looking for ideas here are a few options:

  • Kitchen Island – A popular location for second sinks, the island will give a second cook their own counter space as well as sink to keep them completely out of the first cook’s way. This location is also beneficial if you have your dishwasher in the island as well.
  • Baking Corner – If you’re an avid baker you could consider creating a baking corner that is away from the main kitchen sink. By adding a second sink in this designated baking area you can contain the mess of ingredients and leave the rest of the kitchen open to others.
  • Butler’s Pantry – Ferrying ingredients from the pantry to the kitchen can be time consuming and messy, so why not add a second sink in there for easy prep. With ingredients within reach you can quickly whip up something good. It could even be your baking corner.
  • Wet Bar – If you’re an entertainer, but refuse to let others help with the cooking, you can add a second sink for a wet bar to keep the guest refreshed and entertained while dinner is prepared. Fix drinks and clean glasses without disrupting the chef.

There are plenty of other options for how to use and where to place a second sink in your kitchen – put them side-by-side if you want – but the choice really comes down to how you want to use it.

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