Mobile technology is here to stay. There are so many different kinds of devices that it’s now very affordable to have them almost everywhere. There is no better place than the kitchen to utilize them in new ways.

Here are some creative ways to get you to take your kitchen to the new world of mobile technology.

Creative Use of iPads / Tablets

With tablets getting so inexpensive nowadays, there are plenty of places you could make use of them. Why not make them part of the center of your home and make your kitchen life more productive like your office.

Here are some ideas you may want to consider to best utilize a tablet:

Fridge Mounts – There are many ways to mount your tablet to your fridge. Your fridge is a great middle ground you are always returning to, so it’s a great place to have a tablet.

Consumers Voice- Fridge Mounts

Under-Cabinet Mounts – Is there a perfect spot in your kitchen for a tablet? If there’s a wall cabinet there you can mount the tablet underneath the wall cabinet with various types of mounts.

Consumer%27s Voice Under Cabinet Mounts

For a variety of iPad or other tablet kitchen mounts, click here.

Cabinet Door Mounts – This idea is creative and very effective, but more of a “do-it-yourself” idea. If you do this you may want to order a spare door for when you get a different (or new size) tablet so you don’t have a hole in your cabinet forever.

Consumer%27s Voice Cabinet Door Mounts

Countertop Stands – Don’t have an ideal place to mount a tablet? Well, just put it on your countertop somewhere with one of these stands (or one of another bazillion styles out there).

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For a variety of iPad or other tablet kitchen countertop stands, click here.

Kitchen Software

“There IS an App for that!” For your kitchen life there are apps to help you do everything from keeping track of recipes, to building your grocery list, to knowing what food you are short on, and on and on.  And what better place than the kitchen to have your “To-Do List” and “Calendar” handy? Or even FaceTime or Skype with the kids while you’re cooking!

Here are some places to get you started:

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Martha Stewart’s Favorite Kitchen Apps Click HERE

Cooking Apps for Your Smartphone / Tablet Click HERE

It’s time to take advantage of the proliferation of mobile devices and technology in your kitchen. It’s just a question of which devices and apps will help you most, and how to start using them. Instead of selling that old tablet you won’t use anymore on EBAY, try putting it to use in the kitchen!

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