Mr. IdeaIs your kitchen stuck in a time warp with really bad lighting? If you have an older home, chances are your kitchen is in the middle of the house with no windows, and one sad small incandescent light fixture high on the ceiling, or a headache inducing flickering florescent light. There are options out there to brighten things up without spending money on a total make over.

Ceiling Lighting

Replace old lights with track lighting. It can give a modern flair and bring the light closer to your workspace.  You can also add as many light heads as you need, or move them around to the areas where light is needed. If your ceiling is too low, another option is to add recessed lighting. For another decorative light option, choose pendant lighting.

Under and Above Cabinet Lighting

Installing lights under the upper cabinets can give more task lighting, which is especially great for meal preparation….for instance, when you’re using a sharp knife!  Using under cabinet lighting is also a great way to add distinction and style to your kitchen with the many different lighting choices out there; halogen, LED, and Xenon, etc. You can also place lights above the cabinets aimed at the ceiling for a beautiful glow.

There are a few tricks besides just lighting that can brighten the space up as well. Reflective surfaces like ceramic tile, stainless steel, mirrors, or a glass tile backsplash have great effects from artificial light. Another trick is to replace some of your old cabinet doors with glass panels, which will help bounce the light around the room.

You will be amazed at how much a little light can change the look of your kitchen.  The space will feel much brighter, cleaner and larger. And hey, it may even inspire you to dust off your “The Joy of Cooking” cookbook and put it to good use.