68-reasons-remodel-home-this-yearAnother year…another new start.  It is the perfect time to make a change in your home.  How many times have you said you’re going to remodel your kitchen, but never actually got around to starting?  Now that the Times Square ball has dropped, make sure you don’t drop the ball on honoring this year’s resolution.

Sure, there are 1,001 excuses you can come up with to talk yourself out of your goals, and while we have 1,001 rebuttals to those excuses, we’ll just go ahead and leave you with the top 5 reasons why this year is the time to remodel your home.

Remodel your home this year

Here’s why:

  1. It’s a buyer’s market – The housing market is still down and that means dealers and suppliers are willing to work with you more than ever before.  Prices should be more in your favor, and because business isn’t as slamming as before, your project will be their main focus.
  2. Survival of the fittest – The economy has been brutal on kitchen and bath dealers leaving many of them forced to shut their dealership doors.  That means that the dealer you choose to work with has survived.  In this market, anyone with bad business practices and poor customer service would have slim to no chance of survival, so you should be confident in the one that is still here to help.
  3. You’re not moving – Chances are you’re not selling your house any time soon.  Why not fix up your kitchen now so that you can enjoy it for the next couple years?  If you do end up selling at that time, you’ll get a better return with a good remodel.  Enjoy your kitchen while you have to stay, and make money on the remodel later.  It’s a win-win situation.
  4. Invest now to save later – There are many remodel options that end up paying for themselves in the long run such as energy efficient appliances that save you money on water and electricity.  So although you may not want to put forth money on a remodel, a green kitchen can be worth your while and help you save.
  5. Interest rates low – If you have good credit and are looking to remodel your kitchen or bath, act now while home equity interest rates are in your favor.  They’ve been at a historic low, so chances are, the only direction they’ll go from now on is up.

So if you think about it, there is really no better time to remodel than now in many cases.  So instead of wasting a good New Year’s resolution on a fitness goal that you’ll forget about in a month, resolve to remodel your kitchen while everything is in your favor.

Happy New Year!