135-small-kitchenThe best things come in the smallest packages right? Well maybe when it comes to diamond jewelry, but not so much when it comes to kitchens. We know that not every remodel means expanding your small kitchen into a huge space.

Sometimes, you only have the space you’ve got now and you need to make it work. Luckily, there are a few good tips to remember during your remodel that will help make your small space work for you.

  1. Size of Appliances: If you’ve got a small space, you know that certain things are simply out of the question – like a separate freezer big enough for 10 turkeys. Remember that most appliances come in space efficient sizes that will work in your limited space.
  2. Focus on Function: One thing every homeowner of a small kitchen knows is that when you are lacking space, every inch needs to serve a purpose. Make sure you have enough area for food prep, countertop appliances, etc.
  3. Open Shelving: Nothing makes a small kitchen feel smaller than having overbearing cabinets. Take advantage of open shelving to display your favorite pieces and draw the attention away from the small space.
  4. NO Clutter: This might seem obvious, but just because your counters aren’t cluttered doesn’t mean inside your cabinets won’t be. Become a maven of efficiency and pair down on what you store in your kitchen. You’ll feel better inside knowing that the sleekness on the outside matches the organization on the inside.
  5. Lighting is a Must: Second to overbearing cabinets making a space feel small, lighting can have the same effect. Have a well-lit kitchen that uses smaller fixtures. No need to have huge chandeliers if you only have an 8’x5’ space.
  6. Choose Your Color Wisely: A kitchen covered in dark paint can really shrink down no matter what size it is. Use a lighter color for your main walls, and do something unique as an accent.
  7. Create the Illusion of Height: Even if you are cramped for space, drawing the eye upward will make you forget that you don’t have an industrial sized kitchen. If possible, have your cabinets reach the ceiling, and if it’s not, use taller cabinets with a decorative molding at the top. This will make the eye come upward from the countertops and give you the feeling of space.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t have to be a burden while you’re remodeling. Get into your space and start thinking of how you plan to remodel it to make the best of what you have.