159-kitchen-remodel-decisionsAre you thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath? Do you feel a sudden onset of paralysis when you consider the choices and decisions that lie ahead of you?

Fear not. By starting small – with, say, just your cabinet design – you can make the process easier and more manageable; getting you back to a feeling of control in no time.

The “easy” part

Cabinet designs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they are easy to think about when you break them down into their essential parts. Sure, there are endless amounts of choices in each step of the process, but making a choice is only as complicated as you allow it to be.

By beginning with these 3 simple steps you will be better educated as you continue your quest for a remodeled kitchen or bath:

1. Choose a door style

Your cabinet doors will be the most visible part of your new kitchen or bathroom and the style that you choose will help determine the overall theme of your space. The three main choices are:

  • Square – these doors feature a rectangular frame with either a flat or raised floating panel. They can be detailed and traditional, or simple for a more contemporary feel.
  • Arched – similar to square, but with a decorative arch built into the top portion of the frame and panel. These doors tend to be more detailed and are common in traditional style kitchens.
  • Slab – made from one solid piece of wood, these doors are simple and provide cabinets with a clean line that is typically found in modern style kitchens.

2. Choose a finish

When it comes to cabinet designs the finish is where you can really get creative. With different styles and combinations you can give your cabinets a look that is unique to your tastes.

  • Stains – highlight natural wood grain and range from light to dark
  • Paints – cover wood grain and come in almost any color
  • Glaze – added after a stain or paint, glaze adds character and warmth
  • Patina – extra sanding and random distressing provides new cabinets with an antique look

Don’t be afraid to try something unique if you really like it. If the cabinet doors are a canvas, the finish is what makes your cabinet design a masterpiece.

3. Choose the hardware

Once you get this far, choosing the hardware is like icing on the cake. It can also give your kitchen or bath the finishing touch that pulls everything together.

Hardware consists of the knobs and pulls that are used to open and close cabinet drawers and doors. They are usually made from metal or wood and they can be elaborately decorated, simple, or anywhere in between. They often come in a set, but don’t be afraid to mix and match to find the right combination for your cabinet designs.


Thinking about cabinet designs doesn’t have to be stressful. Just remember…

…take it one step at a time.