185-cabinetry-1012Visiting a showroom without having done prior research can make you feel like you’re getting ready to take a test that you didn’t study for.  You might head in with the mentality that “a cabinet is a cabinet,” but you’ll probably walk out realizing you need to prepare more.

What’s the difference

Cabinets are not just boxes that comes in different colors – they vary widely in construction, materials, quality and purpose (in addition to color and style) – and you’ll get the most out of your remodel if you know at least the basic vocabulary.

Our free guide “Cabinetry 101: Terms You Should Know” goes over many terms you’ll hear your designer using as you work together to come up with the best cabinetry solutions for your kitchen or bath remodel.  In it, you will learn a bit about the anatomy of a cabinet, door styles and frame options, materials available, and more.

Get to know the basics, so you can make a more educated decision.  Access your free copy of “Cabinetry 101:Terms You Should Know” below: