156-cabinet-knobKitchen cabinets should be one of the stand-out features of your kitchen design, providing both practical and necessary storage space in your kitchen.  For this reason, it’s important to the overall look of your kitchen design that you have practically and beautifully designed cabinets – right down to the smaller details.

In addition to choosing beautiful cabinetry that matches your home’s style, one element of your kitchen cabinets you should not pass over is the kitchen cabinet hardware. Deciding upon hardware for your cabinets is like choosing the right accessories to go with an outfit; it helps you achieve the desired look in your kitchen.  Hardware comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and with so many choices it can be a tough decision.

Traditional flare

Here are some tips to consider when choosing your traditional style cabinetry hardware.

Look at the details – Details, or lack-thereof in some cases can say much about the style you’re trying to pull into your room.  In the case of traditional, try adding some of these:

  • Feminine touches – Drop pulls have a delicate feel and can add a pretty touch to your kitchen cabinets.
  • Decorative – Knobs with an interesting back plate can make any standard cabinetry look classically ornate.
  • Old world – Decorative pulls in metal can add a formal and ornamental touch while bringing an old world feel.
  • Embellished – Wire pulls with handsome detailing, such as birdcage accents or beads, can add a simple embellishment without going over the top.

Keep it versatile – Whether you are looking for something industrial or going a little more detailed, there are pulls on the market that match many different styles. If detailing isn’t you’re forte, there are a number of soft-spoken knobs that pull together any room.

Think form and function – The choice you make will likely be with you for many years (unless you’re a serial remodeler).  Wooden knobs can look seamless and beautiful, although they may not be so practical for a kitchen that is used heavily.

With so many choices including materials and color on the market these days it is easy to find kitchen cabinet hardware that can make any kitchen both functional and attention-grabbing.  Speak with your designer about the look you’re trying to achieve, and they’ll have plenty of options at every budget.