177-frustrated-kitchenAsk someone who has recently remodeled what they would have done differently, and you’ll probably get a bunch of feedback.  It happens to the best of us – we all just get a little wrapped up in the moment when we’re excited, and some of us neglect to do things that seem little, but that actually can make a big difference.

When you’re involved in a remodel, make sure you pay attention to every detail, or you may kick yourself.  Here are a few common mistakes you won’t want to deal with later:

Forgetting the little things

When you’re planning your remodel, it’s easy to get excited about the big items (the new appliances, the new cabinet drawers, etc.) but make sure you don’t forget smaller details like the placement of the trash bin or the location of your silverware drawer.  It is helpful to keep lists throughout the process, so you can check them off as you go and make sure you don’t miss anything!

Measuring wrong

Talk about a small thing making a big difference.  One small inaccurate measurement can throw off the rest of the kitchen or bathroom.  Make sure you remember “measure twice, order once.”  Heck, you should measure more than twice if you’re new to things.  Better to take the time now than to pay for mistakes later.

Choosing price over quality

This goes for choosing your dealer as well as choosing your materials.  If you shop around for a professional, make sure money isn’t your only consideration (if it doesn’t have to be).  Sometimes it is better to spend a little more for better, more reliable service and expertise from someone you can trust.  The same goes for materials.  Choosing the cheaper materials may cost you more down the road when things start falling apart.

Slashing needs and wants left and right

So, sticker shock tends to make people do crazy things – like convincing themselves they don’t need things that they really do.  Sometimes it is better to put off a remodel for a short while to save up for the things you need or really want.  Slashing helpful storage or lighting will just make you resent your remodel decisions later on.

Neglecting to think of upkeep

Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to your materials.  Sure, a marble countertop may have you entranced now, but if you’re not going to provide it with the necessary attention it needs in everyday maintenance, then maybe you better opt for granite or quartz.  Make sure you ask your supplier enough questions about cleaning and upkeep with each of your materials so you’re not surprised later on.

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can be the best thing you ever do to your home.  Just make sure you don’t rush through or cut corners – you’ll be kicking yourself afterward.