Girl brushing teethA complete bathroom remodel can be a little pricey, and you may decide that eventually they will just “grow into it.” Either way, below are some ideas that can make your little one’s life a little easier.

Think soft-close…everything

If you are ordering new cabinets you can get cabinet doors and drawers with soft-close hinges. Another option is to purchase the kits to install on the existing cabinets to do it yourself and keep the cost down.  And may we even suggest a soft-close toilet lid for all the slamming that goes on!

Height is a factor

If you can order custom cabinets, they will make it fit to your exact specifications. However, for a better cost solution, the shortest standard height for factory made cabinets is about 29 inches, which is should accommodate the munchkins.  There are also toilets made for children with a lower height of 10 inches.

Clean this mess

When choosing your cabinets you will want to make sure they are waterproof. Wood cabinets can be stained or painted with a waterproof paint. Another idea is to opt for either a laminate or Thermofoil cabinet, which on top of looking great are very easy to clean. A soft damp cloth and a gentle cleaning solution should get those little fingerprints off in no time.

There are plenty of kid-friendly options for your bathroom, but remember, they grow quickly. Keep in mind functionality with easy fixes for now – unless you want to do an expensive remodel again in a few years.