145-kitchen-lifestyleHow many times have you walked into your kitchen and felt lost in your own home? So many times we create a reflection of our personality and lifestyle in other areas of the home, but stop short of that in our kitchens. It’s easier than you might think to create the perfect kitchen design layout for your life.  Just think of how you spend the majority of your time in your kitchen, and plan accordingly.

Mom on the go

Are you a busy mom with lots of kids, homework and a crazy schedule? Do you love Martha Stewart and a touch of class? The classic or traditional kitchen with beautiful white cabinets, crown molding, a beautiful stone countertop that has a great bar area for the family to gather around, might be perfect.

The worker bee

Or maybe you’re that young professional who spends just enough time in your kitchen to open a bottle of wine to enjoy with your dinner (before getting back to the cost projections for your latest architecture project).  A modern and sleek kitchen with clean lines and open beams enhanced by a wine fridge, and a cappuccino machine built into your wall cabinet might be your perfect design.

You fancy yourself a chef

The perfect Chef’s kitchen design layout, with Tuscan design combined with commercial grade appliances, or a retro style kitchen with bright colors, lots of chrome and a checkerboard floor might be the dream kitchen for you.

The lone ranger

And if you are a single guy, who spends more time in front of your big screen than you do in the kitchen, you might still want a stylish kitchen with a touch of warmth to impress the date you bring back later for a night cap, or the friends you have over for the big game.

Whatever stage you may be in (there are certainly many more than we mentioned above), you can create the perfect kitchen design layout that reflects your personality while meeting the demands of your life. Start with the basics, the space you have to work with and what you need from your kitchen. And if the perfect countertop for spreading out your pastry dough and breads is your biggest priority, start there. Set your priorities, determine your must haves and what you can live without and then create a kitchen you can feel at home in.