143-bathroom-for-manIf you’re in the midst of a bathroom remodel plan, consider making some choices that will please your man too. Wondering where we are going with this? Well, as we all know, the master bath is somewhat of a woman’s serene, spa-like oasis from the rest of the world. It’s where she can enjoy an aroma therapy shower, plush bath mats and a vanity large enough to hold all of her hair and makeup products. But how much is the man of the house enjoying that – probably not so much.

Color him masculine

There are plenty of ways to add that touch of masculine sophistication to your bathroom so your man doesn’t feel like he’s floating in a cloud of lavender steam (unless that helps him relax, too). The first thing you can do to tone down the feminine feel of the master bath is to choose paint colors that are more neutral to dark than light and airy. If you look at designs that are geared towards men, you will find darker colors because it feels more “manly” than colors like Sky Blue and Sea Foam Green. There are plenty of combinations out there that will help your man feel like he fits in a little more in your master bath.

Be inspired by manly things

When choosing building materials for your master bath, we suggest that you again go with materials that are more masculine to help bridge the gap between spa-like oasis and an escape fit for a man. A few great ways to add this touch of sophistication in the materials is to go for dark wood and sleek hardware. Men like the clean look and smooth finish that comes on things like sports cars and electronics, so why not incorporate that same vibe into your bathroom. You can have your pick of hardware that is more masculine in just about any store so don’t be shy. Find something you can both agree on that makes him feel like he is a part of the pace too.

The master bath can be a place where both a man and a woman can feel like they have escaped the world. It is the area where relaxation is at its finest with that hot steam shower you installed.  And while it can seem like the lady of the house wants a picture perfect, feminine area, the men in their lives will appreciate the simple additions that make it feel more like a space they relax in.