181-kids-bathroomIf you have kids in the home (or if you have kids visit from time to time) you know that not everything was designed with them in mind.  While it doesn’t make sense for everyone to do a complete overhaul of their bathroom space to make everything reachable and kid-sized, there are still many things you can incorporate into the space to make it safe.  Below are a few tips to remember:

Safety is an issue

There are small things that are easily forgotten whendesigning your kid’s bathroom, but you should keep these in mind:

  • Rounded corners and/or corner protectors – They will help eliminate some painful head injuries.
  • Soft-close hinges – These can help do away with pinched fingers (those screams are the worst)!
  • Tub mats – So your little one doesn’t slip and fall. Also, nonslip backings for your bathroom mats outside of the tub are a plus.
  • Faucet covers – These allow for a safe fun theme so the child doesn’t bump their head. (We like the whale cover)
  • Spring release latches for cabinets and drawers – They are a pain in the rear end, but your kids won’t get into anything they are not supposed to.
  • Outlet plug covers – Why not? There are outlets in bathrooms; water and outlets do not mix!
  • Toilet locks – This keeps the toilet lid shut tight.  You don’t want your kids to play in one of the most germ infested area in the house right?
  • Twist and grip knob covers – These keep small children out of rooms that are off limits.  They are awful to look at, but worth the investment.
  • Sturdy low step stool – So your little ones can reach the sink without strain.
  • Anti-scald devices – This nifty device attaches onto any faucet or showerhead to prevent hot water burns by controlling the temperature.

Keep it simple

Keep your materials for designing the kid’s bathroom neutral and not as costly, but go wild with everything else. Brighten up the room by painting the walls with a gloss paint, which makes it easier to wipe clean messes or splashes. Pick a shower curtain with a pattern or a theme that goes along with the color on the walls, and then you can even add a border to match the shower curtain. Spruce it up with matching accessories, such as a toothbrush holder or towels. Don’t go overboard by putting the pattern or theme on everything in the room. Keep it somewhat simple.

The nitty gritty design (if you so choose)

You can order custom cabinets that are made to be as low as 29 inches and toilets that go as low as 10 inches. This is a costly way to design a bathroom for kids, solely because kids grow in a blink of an eye, but it is an option for you to consider. Look into designing a 42 inch space for the toilet, to allow for more room. Waterproof anything and everything. There are stains to use on wood cabinets, and even laminate cabinets, which are easy to wipe down as well.

Try to include your kids when designing their bathroom. Including them makes it more of a family affair, and you are able to put their personality into the bathroom. Remember; keep it simple and safety should come first.