61-kitchen-remodel-advertisementsAs a consumer searching for new cabinets for your kitchen, you are invariably going to come up against this question: Which is a better route to go – purchasing cabinets manufactured by a large mainstream cabinet manufacturer or from a smaller provider? Both options have their pros and cons, and in this two part article, we will touch on strengths and weaknesses of each to see which route might be best for you.  Part 1 will discuss pros and cons of larger mainstream manufacturers:

On one hand

Mainstream cabinet manufacturers have many advantages over the small, independent manufacturer.  They tend to have larger advertising and marketing budgets, and therefore are recognizable.  Name recognition is a powerful tool in any business, including the cabinet industry.  In fact, many remodeling projects get started because of a well-placed TV ad or seeing a particular brand’s delivery trucks on the road.

Large cabinet manufacturers are more than just a recognizable name, however. They also tend to be more consistent with their product offering. It’s a pretty safe bet that most mainstream manufacturers have been in business for a long time and have streamlined their cabinet operations over the years to the point where production times can be predicted down to an exact day. These organizations invest money in consistency.  Efficient processes make for lower prices in many circumstances. A combination of lowest price and fast, predictable production times can be the most swaying factor when considering these brands.

On the other hand

Large cabinet manufacturers do have some downsides.  Their strong focus on efficiency and production time means they often offer a range of products that is good, but may not be as broad as smaller manufacturers. Typically, large manufacturers offer significantly less customization options than their smaller competitors. Many large manufacturers employ more of a “take it or leave it” business model, which allows them to be singularly focused and enjoy a predictable outcome.

When making decisions regarding your kitchen remodel, all of your options really come down to a matter of preference, budget and timeframe.  Choosing your cabinet manufacturer is no different.  You may find that the larger manufacturer has everything you’re looking for, but if you’re wondering what smaller manufacturers have to offer, stay tuned for part 2.