62-kitchen-remodel-advertisementsKitchen remodels are confusing enough as it is, but when trying to decide whether to purchase cabinets from a mainstream cabinet manufacturer or a smaller one, there are options to weigh.  In part one of this article, we touched on the pros and cons of mainstream cabinet manufacturer products, so here are some things to think about when considering a smaller manufacturer’s offerings:

On one hand

Working with a small cabinet manufacturer has some advantages over the big boys.  These companies are often able to offer exceptional service, tailoring the experience to match each customer. While the larger manufacturers are investing in consistency, the smaller guys are investing more in the product details. For example, they may offer plywood sides as an everyday item versus making it an upgrade.

The smaller companies are more likely to produce a unique product that you are less likely to see in your neighbor’s kitchen. This can be the most important factor for those looking to stand out from the crowd.  Smaller companies generally do more to earn your business.

On the other hand

The little guys have their downsides too.  Their ability to offer virtually endless customizations can result in greater variations in products and finishes.  In addition, longer lead times and less predictable delivery dates are often the norm.  For those of us who are impatient and hate delays, this is an important factor in choosing your cabinet manufacturer.  And of course, you typically pay more for similar cabinets because smaller manufacturers don’t enjoy many of the efficiencies that make the bigger guys so successful.

What it all comes down to

The bottom line when comparing these two types of cabinet manufacturers is simple. Do you want a predictable experience with an efficient outcome even if it means having a noticeably smaller selection? Or do you want unique cabinetry unlike your neighbors and ability to upgrade, even if it means paying more and likely having to be more flexible with your schedule?  There’s really no wrong way to go, it’s all a matter of preference.