140-cabinet-door-styleMany questions surround a kitchen remodel, door style being a main concern of many homeowners when it comes to cabinets. Options abound when it comes to the types of doors that you can have on your cabinets, so we will break some of them down for you. The door styles that we see most often are the Shaker, the Raised Panel, the Slab and the Mullion. You’ll find that almost every cabinet dealer carries these types of doors which will allow you to compare finishes, styles and brands across different dealers if needed.

In the process of choosing cabinet styles, you should consider the overall style you want your kitchen to have. You may or may not know this, but each door style lends itself to a certain type of kitchen, some being more traditional or modern than others.  Knowing what you want your kitchen to look like is the first step in deciding on a door style that fits your home.

Now, to break down some of the most popular door styles:

  • Shaker: The Shaker is a simple yet refined door style that is known for its craftsman like construction.  This door style is recognized by its dovetail joints and clean lines. The Shaker will look like it has four raised sides and a recessed middle. These door styles can be used in kitchens that range from traditional to modern because of their clean look.
  • Raised Panel: A Raised Panel door style is recognized as a style for a traditional kitchen. With its added dimension from the center panel beings raised, you will see this door style has more detailed characteristics than other door styles.
  • Slab: The Slab door style has no raises or indentions and covers the entire face of the cabinet. This particular door style lends to a modern look because of the sleek lines it creates in the kitchen.
  • Mullion: The door style that is known for showing off what’s inside your cabinet due to their glass inserts, the mullion door is a popular choice in kitchens. This style can be modern or traditional depending on your materials but it is a great addition to any door style that you choose. We don’t recommend doing your entire kitchen in this door style unless you keep some very neat cabinets!

When you go into your dealer’s showroom, look at these (or other) doors and find the one that really matches your style. You may have your heart set on one, but there are plenty out there for you to consider.

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