Person putting money in a piggy bank

Person putting money in a piggy bank

The cost of your kitchen remodel is directly influenced by the choices you make and your decisions as a homeowner.

Cabinets & Appliances

The majority of your kitchen remodel budget will be spent on finished products (cabinets, appliances, etc.), so making wise choices in that area will help keep costs down. When seeking a quote for your kitchen remodel make sure to detail every phase of the project.  List specific brands and models of cabinetry, appliances, fixtures and surfaces and then research the costs and values online or in the showroom.

Cost of the Contractor

Labor costs represent a smaller portion of the overall budget than the finished products.  Remember not to choose your contractor strictly based on price.  A well experienced contractor with a high hourly rate may be extremely efficient and offer great money-saving solutions for other areas.  For this reason, you’ll want to do your research.  Sometimes a personal referral from someone you trust is best.  Once you find a contractor, cover yourself – get a written quote, copies of the contractor’s license and proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance.  You don’t want any surprises and unexpected costs sneaking up where they could have been avoided.

Plumbing & Electric

Make sure inspections are performed on all work that requires them.  New plumbing or electrical installations, and any structural changes (such as opening a wall or window between rooms or to the outside) will likely alter costs.  A good contractor will make sure these inspections are performed in a timely fashion so they don’t interfere with the project’s progress.


One of the largest factors influencing the cost of your Kitchen Remodel is the chief decision maker – YOU.  For this reason, you need to educate yourself.  Don’t go into a kitchen remodel blindfolded, or you will spend an arm, a leg, and maybe even lose your head during the process.  No one wants to spend the time and money on a kitchen remodel only to wind up with a messy mistake and an empty pocket.

So, do your homework. Hire a contractor who offers affordable solutions and be an active member of your project team.  If you keep these factors under control, you’ll have control of the cost.