149-spring-kitchenThere is nothing quite like the first few days of Spring weather – at least for those of us in colder climates.  I’m not talking about the Spring weather we’ve had thus far (brrr), but rather the first few days where you know it’s finally here; when there’s something in the air (whether thats spring fever or the pollen) that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Bring on the Spring colors

If you’re still not ready to head outdoors or raise the windows, and you’ve already finished your Spring cleaning, how about bringing spring indoors?  We love these kitchens that remind us of Spring and also enjoy thinking of our own ways to warm up the place in a soft and refreshing way.

Open shelving or glass cabinet doors are a great versatile way to bring some festive seasonal decor into your kitchen.  Show off your bright blues, greens, yellows and whites in the form of displayed plates, bowls, artwork, tablecloths, small appliances, or even a fresh coat of paint.

Switching up the colors in your kitchen will help keep things fun.  Let us know your favorite way to freshen up your kitchen in the comments below!