Furniture in a modern kitchenEveryone talks about the custom finishes and custom designs when it comes to a kitchen remodel – but no one talks about what’s going on inside the cabinets. The whole point of the remodel was to create a better space that is more efficient right? There are plenty of options you can choose from when looking for custom organization in your cabinets.

Bottom Cabinets

Tall pull out organizers make storing items, like canned goods, spices or pans, very easy. These organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can pick one that will best suit your needs. Another great choice when it comes to custom organization is a waste bin pull out. This pull out bottom drawer cabinet provides a solution to the age old questions “where do I put the garbage can?” and  is quite stylishly we might add. Pull out shelving in base cabinets for things like pots and pans are the perfect solution to the endless need to climb into the back of a cabinet to reach something. The pull out shelving organizes everything and makes everything easy to access.

Upper Cabinets

Installing upper cabinet door mounted organization is the key to freeing up space inside those cabinets. Smaller items such as spices, oils and extracts can be stored here. There are also deeper caddies that can be installed to the door to hold large items. This keeps the items organized and easy to find when you need them. Under cabinet mounted storage is a fabulous way to display nice wine glasses or paper towels.


Drawers are not to be forgotten when it comes to custom organization. Instead of buying cheap trays, put in custom organizers when you design your kitchen. There are inserts for just about any need you could ever think of when it comes to drawers in a kitchen. There are knife block, cutlery, utility and spice organizers that can be placed in smaller drawers. For larger, deeper drawers you can also install dish or pot organizers.

What’s the use in remodeling your kitchen if you aren’t going to use it to its full potential?  Improving your kitchen storage through custom organization will make it more enjoyable, so make sure you’re getting the most use in your new kitchen by custom organizing your cabinets.