Open kitchens are still going strong. Granite and Quartz rule the countertop-world. Mixing countertop materials is popular. You can learn a lot from the trends revealed in industry studies.

These trends and many others are discussed every year when Houzz does their annual study of popular trends in remodeling or building new. Many trends are helpful and even valuable to know about when remodeling your kitchen or bath or building a new home, so we’ll highlight them for you here.

The Skinny on the Trends

Bigger or More Open?

The majority of those studied (77%) went for “open” kitchens where they were open to adjoining rooms. This trend continues because of the feeling of larger space that results.

Part of that openness gets filled with another majority (61%) putting a kitchen island in.

The % that were “enlarging” their kitchen? Only 37%. Today people look for an open feeling and better utilized space, instead of just saying “go large!”.

Granite Still Rocks (get it?)

Here’s the lowdown on countertop choices. Granite still rules the day, but Quartz is rapidly approaching takeover status.


Backsplash Trends

With the many varieties of tile backsplash, it continues to reign over all others. Even though it has faded to obscurity as countertop material, tile has found new ways to continue at the top of the list for backsplash.



Top Flooring Choices

As most would expect, hardwood floors are the most popular material. As many would also expect, tile floors are just behind hardwoods. Those two flooring choices will never lead you wrong.





What’s YOUR Style?

What age group prefers what design style for their kitchen? This chart shows the study results by age group. See how you compare with the results.

Spoiler Alert – young people = Contemporary, old people = Traditional. Shocker…

Houzz Design Style

When remodeling your kitchen or bath, it’s most important to think about and get what YOU want. But it’s also important to think about possible future owners of your home and what THEY will want (or not want). Seeing the trends will help steer you in a more valuable direction.

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