118-kitchen-color-schemeWhen looking at a room and trying to decide what your new color scheme will be, consider how the room fits into your home. There are a million ways to decorate a room and there is really no wrong way to go about it. You can take colors from other parts of the house that the room opens up to – for instance, if your kitchen is open to your family room, there is the option of expanding the color scheme there. Or, if you have fun architecture, you could consider accentuating it with color instead of trying to make it blend into the room with aneutral paint.

Once you’ve decided on how the room will interact with the rest of the house, the next step is to decide what colors to use. We’ve got a few tips for those of you who are new to the whole color scheme and flow between room scene; they’re sure to help you make sense of the process.

Pick from a pattern

If you’ve found a piece of fabric or a large display accessory that has a great pattern, choose colors from that piece. It’s hard to find fabrics and patterns that really speak to you sometimes, so when you do find one, grab on to it and make it work. To pick a color from a pattern, you can choose the loudest color as the accent or you can use the background color as your overall color choice in a room.

A spectrum of color

A great way to effortlessly choose colors for your space is to think about complementary colors and their use within the room. Let’s say for instance you like the color blue. Use darker blues, like navy, on the flooring or rugs, use a medium tone for walls and furniture and then keep the lightest color for the ceiling. This will create a sense of cohesion and keep away the pressure of committing to an accent color.

Check out your style

It may sound strange but there are colors that everyone feels most comfortable wearing, and those colors are a great way to choose what you want in your home. Comfort colors make you feel at ease and unique, and channeling them can create that same feel in your home. Have a favorite purple scarf or navy sweater? Consider using those colors throughout your space to make it unique to you.

Follow the flow of your house

All homes have a unique feel of their own and that can be established by the color scheme that is chosen. If you love modern spaces and style, pick colors and textures that would fit that lifestyle. If you have great architecture or colors that spill over into adjacent rooms – embrace it. Create a flow in your house that makes each room feel as though it belongs there.