133-contractor-footprintOne concern for homeowners during a remodel is how to deal with the contractors that come in to their house. While you’re excited to prepare for your kitchen or bath remodel, we understand that letting someone you don’t particularly know into your home can be unnerving. The first step to calming these nerves is to make sure your contractor passes a rigorous background check and the company they work for is a reputable one.The second step to creating a good relationship with your contractor is to talk about some guidelines and expectations.

While you may think that it’s the company’s job to have these rules in place, make sure you and the contractors have an understanding of what is expected while working in your home. Below, we’ve come up with a few guidelines and expectations for your contractors to go by while on the job:

Set guidelines and expectations

Come to an agreement on when work will begin and end each day, and if there will be work done on the weekends. It will wear on your nerves not knowing when workers will arrive and depart, so make sure you know when they will be present and working.

Decide how workers will move through your home while working on the remodel. You don’t want strangers traipsing through your house unattended while they are remodeling your kitchen – that’s a recipe for worrying, but you also don’t want them to damage your flooring. Show them the designated areas where they can be and make sure that you’re protecting your flooring from the heavy traffic in those areas.

Explain how you would like the work area to be left at the end of the day. Do you mind if there are scraps and debris in the kitchen overnight? Or do you want workers to tidy up after they finish for the day? Make sure an expectation is set so that everyone knows what they are responsible for. Understand though that there will be some mess, it is a remodel project after all.

Designate an area for contractors to park and dispose of debris during the project. Does your community have any parking rules? Tell your contractors where they can and cannot park to avoid any troubles with neighbors or the community.

Hopefully some of these guidelines and expectations will help you create an open dialogue with your contractors. They are here to help you remodel your home and it’s important that you both are on the same page with what is expected so you feel comfortable during this time.

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