166-knife-backsplashWhen it comes to finding free space in the kitchen, many homeowners will tell you they’re all out, but most kitchens have a large area of free space just waiting to be used: the backsplash.

Kitchen backsplashes are often decorative and add to the overall design of the kitchen, but by utilizing that space, you can also make your kitchen more functional.

Think outside the box

By using a rail or other system to hang objects from your backsplash you can get items, such as a knife block, up in the air to free up more counter space. If you’re remodeling you could also consider making your kitchen high-tech by building a TV or microwave directly into the backsplash.

Here are some great tips we found on utilizing your backsplash: 8 Clever Ways to Put Your Backsplash to Work

Your backsplash is waiting to be called into action, so go get creative and put it to good use.