A businessman on his computer while having breakfastThere are many things going on in the kitchen these days besides just cooking.  Gone is the “simple life,” so while families get busier, why not get creative to keep everyone nearby as much as possible?

While removing obstacles, opening the kitchen up to other areas of the house and creating more storage are great ways to improve your flow, inviting others into the kitchen area is another option.

Kitchen work-area

Designate a simple work-area that will allow your spouse to get work done while spending time in the kitchen area with you; or have the kids finish up that homework assignment while you keep an eye on them.  While you probably don’t want a full office in your kitchen, you can make sure to have the essentials:

  • Worktop – Make sure there is a designated worktop area that won’t interfere with your cooking-space.  A corner tabletop or an island overhang may provide a perfect setting.
  • Seating – placing comfortable chairs or stools at the designated worktop area will be inviting to those tired feet.  These seats should fit under the worktop so as not to interfere with the kitchen flow.
  • Outlets – Make sure you have convenient plugs and outlets under the worktop (including an internet hookup if your wireless isn’t always reliable).
  • Storage – built-in cubbies or drawers will be a convenient place to keep pens, papers, laptops, etc available, but hidden when not in use.  Make sure there is enough storage so that the work-area doesn’t become an eye-sore.

A kitchen work-area may be just what you need to get a little extra family time in your evenings.  And when the family isn’t using the area, this will be the perfect place to set your laptop or iPad so that it is not in your way, but close enough to jump online to find that recipe you need.

As you can see, your kitchen can really become anything you want it to with the right amount of planning.  There are an endless number of kitchen design options that will make your life easier and hopefully better.  Make sure you take time to decide on the overall purpose of your kitchen, and keep in mind kitchen-flow and aesthetics.  If you become overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to ask an expert for their opinion.