65-kitchen-opennessA kitchen remodel seems like such a huge undertaking, especially when there are lots of other home projects to do, but when you have a clear idea of what you want, the task will not seem as daunting.   Many of us were “blessed” with old-fashioned layouts that separate the cook from the rest of the house.  Although this may provide an extra row of storage, you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re banned from socializing or watching TV with the family while preparing an amazing spread.

Maybe you want an open kitchen concept, but need so much storage space that it seems impossible.  Rest assured – there are plenty of fix tricks for improving your kitchen storage.

Island Storage

Instead of having the breakfast bar separating the kitchen and living room, remove it and have a center kitchen island installed.  This will open things up more, while inviting great new storage options above and below the countertop.  In addition, it can act as a place for your kids or spouse to sit and keep you company, or get some extra work done.

Get Creative

In addition to traditional cabinet storage, get creative – hanging your pots and pans is not only great convenient storage, but can be artwork as well when done in a tasteful way.  Personalizing additions for your remodel can also allow you to create designated areas for your favorite kitchen “extras.”

Extra Storage Tips

Keep in mind that cabinets come in many different sizes and styles.  Ask your designer if taller 42 or 48-inch upper cabinets would look right in your kitchen instead of the shorter options.  If so, make sure to add a cute stepping stool and you’ve got yourself some extra overhead space.  You may also find that subtle upgrades such as roll-out trays or under-mount drawer glides will give you access to otherwise unusable space.

Take some extra time to think about what it is you’d like to store, and research ways other people have overcome similar obstacles.  If you’re unsure which options are possible for your particular situation, there are always professionals who are willing and able to help you improve your kitchen flow.