113-kitchen-islandEveryone talks about how the kitchen is the heart of the home and we think they are right. It’s where we come together with our friends and family to have meals, chat, and enjoy ourselves. In some remodels completely changing the footprint of your kitchen can become as big a headache as the check you have to write for it. A great way to solve that problem is by creating a kitchen island of your dreams. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen island is the heartbeat. It’s where everything happens and the very spot that brings people together.


Kitchen islands can be an added value to the home if you plan correctly. As an additional workspace, an island gives you a feeling of ease and comfort while working in the kitchen. No one wants to be cramped up on a small counter when you have the huge open space of your island. There is nothing worse than two people preparing a meal and tripping over each other.


Another woe in kitchen remodels is storage space. Where will items go once you change your kitchen? Will you be able to find more space so there is less clutter on the counter? The answer is yes, you can find the space for everything you have with an island. The beauty of the island is that it provides ample space on the counter for working and tons of space for storage and organization. Use this area for things that aren’t regularly used or are too large for your countertop like some small appliances.

Appliances and Creativity

Islands are a wonderful place to customize and show your creativity too. If you are looking to add a little spice into your new kitchen design, taking a chance on the island is your best bet. With the opportunity to change the countertop, add customized pieces and introduce color in the island, it’s smart to upgrade this area. When it comes to customization, the island provides you with even more options for appliances. An island is the perfect place for a wine cooler, second microwave, dishwasher or a prep sink.

Consider creating a stellar island in your kitchen remodel and you won’t be disappointed with how it adds space, functionality and personality into your kitchen.