47-double-basin-sinkIf you’re not sold on the single basin sinkfor your kitchen remodel project, you may opt for a double.  In case you haven’t made up your mind or need additional convincing, we’ve listed out some of the many benefits of having more than one basin.

Double Basin

A double basin sink has two sections, as well as two drains.  One side usually houses the disposal (this is usually the smaller of the two sides, but can be changed upon preference).  I’ve noticed that double basin sinks tend to get a larger positive response initially, probably because there is more to look at.

Some benefits include:

  • Two sections – Double basin sinks are great for anything you want to hand-wash.  In one segment, you can soap and soak your dishes, while in the other segment, you can rinse.   This is convenient for those dishes you don’t want to put in the dishwasher.
  • Organization – If the dishwasher is running, you can store any additional dirty plates on one side of the sink, while the other section stays free for regular use.
  • Multiple users – If you have multiple people involved in cleanup (perhaps your kids do the dishes), double basin sinks tend to provide a multi-user friendly environment.
  • Choices – there are so many choices when it comes to double-basin sinks.  If you prefer a super large section and smaller section, you can do that, or you can split them evenly.
  • Safety – If you are soaking items in one section, you can rinse small or sharp items in the other, so as not to lose them in the soapy suds.

As you can see, there are benefits to each type of sink.  When pondering basins, what it really comes down to is personal preference and lifestyle.  Think about your kitchen routines and setup, and then try to picture each.  Which one fits best?  If you’re unsure and need additional opinions, read some user reviews online and ask around.  Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be one step closer to kitchen bliss.