190-master-bedroomDo you ever feel like your lives are too busy, and you barely have time to spend with just the two of you? Turning your master bedroom into a sanctuary will allow you to have more of that quality time with each other.

First impressions are the most memorable. If you walk into your master bedroom and the bed isn’t made, items are on the floor, and your drawers are overstuffed, what do you think and how do you feel?  If you’re like the majority of us, you sigh and sometimes walk away right? Every day, try to keep your bed made, pick up after yourself, dust, and organize, then recheck how you feel when you first walk into your room. You will likely feel happy and less stressed, which will make your time together more pleasant.

The Do’s vs. the Don’ts

Do: Design your room for a place of intimacy and rest. When you as a couple are strong, then the entire family and your surrounding peers are strong. If you have two separate spaces in your bedroom, for example the room and a sitting area, or even bathroom, create harmony by joining them together. Stick to three hues of a color palate that is repeated throughout the room and separate spaces. Also, repeat the theme through the paint, textile, artwork and other accessories.

Do: Count by twos when choosing anything and everything. Furniture, nightstands, lamps, chairs, and art that portray images of two instead of one. This trick reassures your mind that you are a couple and not a single person.

Don’t: Don’t let the bedroom be a catchall for clutter either. Limit the amount of furniture so the room feels open and not crowded. If you find that your dressers and closet are busting at the seams, it’s time to reduce your wardrobe to what you actually are going to wear. I use the 3 month rule, which is if you haven’t worn it in three months, not counting seasonal items, then get rid of it.  If three months is too short for you, try six months.

Don’t: Do not make your bedroom into a work space. Work, TV, and Computers shouldn’t be in the master bedroom if you want things to be peaceful and stress free.

Do: Try Feng Shui in the room by placing your bed in the command position, which allows for a more balanced bedroom. This position requires the bed facing the door from the far side of the room. If you are unable to do so, having your feet towards the door should help do the trick. By choosing this position for your bed you are allowing yourself to have a visual control over your environment and room.

Do: Personalize the room. Fill it with artwork or accents that reflect both personalities and make both of you smile. Cover one wall with photos of your family, or put out treasures from your travels or favorite collections to make the room more unified for the two of you.