170-bathroom-remodelingWhen it comes to bathroom style, there are many elements to choose from and it can often seem like a chore to whittle down the options.  Don’t get overwhelmed!  While there are no wrong decisions, there are those that can make life a bit easier (in the ways of bathroom cleaning, maintenance and reliability).

For bathroom floors, we’ve laid out a few tips based on characteristics we find important.

How does it hold up to water?

No matter how careful you may be in the bathroom, it is inevitable that one day the floors will become wet – whether that’s due to a post-shower footprint, a leaky sink or (gasp) an overflowing toilet.  Even if you are lucky and have none of the aforementioned, you’re going to need to mop the floor at some point, right?

One characteristic in flooring that will come in handy is water resistance.  This is why materials such as tile and vinyl are extremely popular in bathroom design – not only are they easy to clean, but if you miss a puddle of water, it’s not likely to leave permanent damage or mold.

Will it keep you on your feet?

Now that we’ve already established that your floors will be getting wet from time to time, you’ll want to choose a material that gives you a bit of traction to avoid those slippery falls when emerging from the bathtub.

Tip: Choosing a flooring option with a slightly rough surface texture will help eliminate unnecessary accidents.

How will it hold up?

One more element to keep in mind when deciding on your bathroom floor is durability.  Will your floors stand up to the test of time?  Many bathroom remodelers offer durable options in every price range from vinyl to laminate to hardwood and tile.  Ask for their input based on your budget and lifestyle, and get some tips to keep your floors looking nice throughout the years.