152-two-toneFads come and go. If you jumped on the bandwagon and installed a colored plastic laminate countertop or a retractable range top, you are probably more than a little leery of flashy ideas.

Not just a passing trend, mix and match kitchen cabinet finishes are a stylish way to add interest to your kitchen design (and have been for awhile).

Mix it up

There are many ways to create a classy, beautiful look bymixing up your cabinet finishes.  Here are a couple ways to make it happen:

  • Lighter cabinets on top, darker on the bottom – The most common use of the technique, it serves several purposes. A lighter color will highlight upper cabinets that have unique shape or out of the ordinary details. The dark cabinets ground the space and give the room a homey feel.
  • Darker cabinets on top, lighter on the bottom – Though it’s not done this way as often, it can serve the same purpose… adding a custom look and casual feel to your space. This is also a great way to “pull the ceiling down” so to speak or to highlight architecture.
  • Lighter color wall and base cabinets with darker island – This is a great way to turn your island into a focal point and add a splash of color to the room

Does this sound crazy to you? Are you wondering why you would take a chance and do something so unconventional?  Making a bold move pays off. Here is how:

  • Break up monotony – If brown wood tones are overwhelming your space, introduce drama and sass with some cabinets painted in a dramatically different color. This can give the impression of having free standing pieces brought together to create a cohesive design.
  • More fully develop a color scheme – Tie colors from the wall, tile backsplash, or window treatments into the room with select cabinets.
  • Create an eclectic look – Don’t always try to make it match! The more contrast the better – just be tasteful about it. Consult a designer if you’re unsure if your idea will work.
  • Create a focal point – an island or a single piece of cabinetry in a different finish draws attention and can pull varying elements of color together.

Is mixing and matching your cabinet finishes the right choice for you? Browse some pictures, consider your options and think about what you would like to look at every day.  When you’re ready to get started, contact a designer for their advice.