6-kitchen-upgradesFor many homeowners, the chore of planning a kitchen remodeling project can be so overwhelming they simply avoid it altogether in fear of getting in over their heads – or budget! The good news is that you don’t have to spend $50,000 on new flooring, cabinets, and lighting to make a big impact in the most-used room in your home.  There are a number of popular up-grades that you should insist on when planning a complete remodel or which can be added now to enhance your current kitchen.


Decorative knobs and drawer pulls are one of the simplest ways to enhance the look of your kitchen and can also be one the best values.  Of course, you have to plan these hardware selections carefully!  Prices can range from less than $1 per piece for simple builder-grade selections to $25 or more for brand-name designer items.  It is generally a good idea to pick a style that is in the lower third of that price range, doesn’t vary from common tastes too far, and perhaps adds functionality.  For the do-it-yourselfer, great selections are available in a variety of stores and hardware is very easy to install.

Roll-Out Trays

Have you ever had to sit on the floor and pull everything out of a cabinet to get to a pan in the back?  If your answer is yes, roll-out trays are your answer!  Just like the name implies, roll-out trays slide in and out of your lower cabinets, providing equally easy access to items in the front and back.  These easy-to-install accessories come in convenient sizes designed to fit many standard cabinet boxes and are affordably priced.   They can also be ordered in custom sizes if necessary, but be aware the price can go up dramatically.  Roll-out trays are a great selling feature that is always in demand.

Cutlery Dividers

Many kitchen remodeling plans are born from frustration over a lack of space.  Cutlery dividers have been around for a long time and they remain a popular feature because they are inexpensive and help you get organized.  Today’s dividers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fill almost any need.  The prices can vary depending on how they’re made, but they are typically easy to install and will make an immediate impact!

Waste Basket Pullout

Waste basket pullouts are another highly sought after kitchen design element that makes sense for a full remodel or as a simple upgrade to your current kitchen.  They are usually installed under the sink and allow you to hide trash out of sight but within easy reach – simply open the door and slide the trash can out for full access.  Waste basket pull-outs are available in a number of convenient sizes at home improvement retailers and can be ordered in custom sizes from many cabinet dealers as well.  Installation is a snap for the do-it-yourselfer.

Sink Front Tilt-out Trays

These are great when you want to hide the sponge and dish towels but still have easy access. Sink-front trays fit behind the drawer front of the sink cabinet, just below the counter-top, and come with hinges that allow you to simply tilt the front to reveal a convenient storage tray.

If you are planning a complete kitchen remodel, these accessories should be on your “must-have” list.  But if you not quite ready to tackle the full project, these valuable additions might just be perfect to help you get a new look and get back some much-needed space until you are.