59-personalized-additions-remodelHave you ever denied yourself things that you love – another cookbook, another beautiful antique dish, or that extra bottle of wine – simply because you couldn’t possibly find the right place to store them without feeling like a hoarder?  Well, if you’re remodeling to stay (vs. remodeling to sell) you may be in luck.  Now is the time to find ways to tastefully embrace these little extras.  After all, they’re a part of you…why not make them a place of their own in your new kitchen?

The following are some personalized additions that may make your beloved “extras” the star of your kitchen:

Cookbook Shelf or Storage – If you have the room in your kitchen, why not make an area designated for your cookbooks and magazines?  This can be built in at eye-level (if your books are not tacky), or even on the end of your island.  If you don’t want them on display, ask your designer about unique storage solutions they know of.  No one wants to get rid of their favorite recipes, and you never know when you’ll need one of the books you don’t use, so create a space for them.

Wine options – If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, and typically have more than a few bottles of wine in the house at any given time, incorporate a built in wine-rack for your kitchen.  Many cabinet shops offer options for wine-racks.  This would be a great way to utilize the space above the refrigerator if it doesn’t get used frequently.   Or, if you like chilled wine, research options for installing a wine cooler if you have the room.

Plate display – If you don’t have a dining room to host your beloved china dishes, or just don’t have enough space there, consider including some glass doors into your kitchen cabinets to display your dishes.  Don’t forget to include built-in cabinet lighting to complete the look.  If your collection is large, perhaps you could showcase some of them proudly above your cabinets, or incorporate a plate display rack.  Always remember not to overdue it.

There are many options available for kitchen organization and personalization, so now is the time to think about every last detail and build a kitchen that is optimized for your specific needs.