50-minimize-kitchen-remodel-stressAs the saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home.”  When that heart must undergo an emergency transplant, it is only natural to feel stressed.  However, simple planning ahead can help minimize tension.  Here are some ways to avoid unnecessary anxiety during your kitchen remodel:

Keep communication open. Make sure there is an open line of communication between you and anyone involved in the operation.  Let them know what you expect, and find out what is expected of you.  The fewer surprises, the better you’ll feel.

Create a timeline with everyone involved.  Find out specifics, such as times when you won’t be able to access your refrigerator or sink.  What time will construction begin each day, and when is the entire project supposed to be finished?  On your copy of the timeline, overestimate the time it will take for everything to be finalized, and you will be pleasantly surprised when it finishes sooner.

Plan your meals.  Since your kitchen will be inaccessible at times, plan accordingly – and plan ahead.  This is the time to try those restaurants you’ve wanted to try, or to catch up with friends and family over dinner at their place.  Perhaps you can offer to buy all of the ingredients and help them cook, so as not to burden anyone.  They may appreciate the extra help.

Protect your home.  With construction, often come muddy footprints.  Protect your home by laying out plastic walkways for the workers to use when entering the house.  You may also want to lay plastic over any furniture you don’t want covered in dust.

Take a vacation. If you really want to have a minimal-stress kitchen remodel, plan a vacation for this time.  Get away from the action for a while – out of sight, out of mind.  While you’re away, make sure you still have an open line of communication and have a friend, neighbor or family member check in on the construction from time to time.   This option isn’t for everyone, as some people may stress more not being in the daily buzz.  If you’re not able to get away for long, take “mini vacations” with stress relievers such as exercise, bubble baths, or massages.

With a little planning, your kitchen remodel project will be a smooth operation.  There will most likely be hiccups here and there, but when preparations are made ahead of time, you’ll avoid any additional or premature gray hair.

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”  ~Etty Hillesum

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