67-kitchen-remodel-planningWith all the excitement of your upcoming kitchen renovation, it’s probably not the first thing on your mind to make a plan for the chaos.   Sure, you’ve thought about which cabinet doors you want, which slab of granite matches them perfectly, and that really cool bamboo floor.  So once you have everything picked out and the contractor scheduled, it should be smooth sailing…right?  Not so fast.  How are you going to cook dinner after work when your oven is sitting in the middle of your living room floor?

A kitchen remodel takes time.  It can last weeks or even months, so make sure you gather some make-shift kitchen necessities before your project gets underway.  It’s going to seem a little bit like a flashback to your college dorm life or living with your first roommate.  Chances are you survived without a kitchen then (or created a solution so that your roommate wouldn’t eat all of your food), so think back to how you made it through those days.

Kitchen remodel survival items

  • A Mini-fridge – Move a small mini-fridge (with a freezer compartment) into the next room and fill it with easy fix meals such as sandwiches, salads, or even hotdogs you can throw on the grill. Don’t forget the cereal and milk!
  • Microwave and electric toaster – The meal options increase exponentially when you have a microwave on-hand.  You can find several microwavable meals at the grocery store which are easy to pop in at a moment’s notice. (Think lean cuisines, steam fresh vegetables & rice, breakfast sandwiches, hot pockets, easy-mac, pre-made lasagna, etc.).  An electric toaster will allow you to cook mini pizzas, grilled cheese and other hot sandwiches.
  • Beverages – What kind of beverages did you need to stock up on in college?  Oh right, several bottles of…umm… water (I know what you were thinking and like where your mind was headed, but this is remodel survival, not a party, and there is only so much room in the mini-fridge.  Save those beer bottles for your first gathering in your newly remodeled kitchen).
  • Red wine – Luckily, red wine doesn’t need to be refrigerated – go ahead and stock up on as many bottles as you see fit (it may help you relax a bit), but don’t forget your corkscrew.
  • Disposable dinnerware –  Make sure to have a stock of paper and plastic dinnerware for easy clean ups (paper plates, plastic cups, forks, knives, spoons, napkins, paper towels, etc).  If dishes are a must, remember you always have the bathroom sink.
  • Cutting surface – In case you do find yourself needing to slice vegetables, etc, you’ll want to make sure you have your cutting-board handy as well as at least one sharp knife.
  • Soap/towels/sponges – Although most of your dinnerware will likely be disposable, you’re sure to come across things that do need to be cleaned (your cutting-board for starters).

Your kitchen remodel project will be expensive enough without you having to add nightly restaurant costs to the budget.  It also doesn’t mean you have to give up on family meals at home.  Think ahead and create a temporary kitchen for your family.  If you don’t have a mini-fridge or movable microwave, ask your friends/neighbors, or check craigslist for local postings.  Have fun with the situation and remember- it is only temporary.