Question mark sign 100 dollar wrapKitchen and bathroom prices vary widely depending on everything from exact measurements all the way down to finish options.  For this reason, your dealer will need you to be completely honest from the beginning about everything from your budget to your overall purpose, needs and wants.   Let them know what you love about your old space as well as the things that really irk you.  With this information, your dealer will be able to come up with a design catered to your needs.

Actual prices may vary

Although your designer may do everything in their power to keep your actual project cost close to the quotes and within budget, there is no way to guarantee it will be exact, in fact actual costs could be greater, or even less.  Remodels are jam packed with parts, labor costs, and surprises behind drywall and beneath floorboards, especially in older homes.  It’s important that the space is carefully evaluated prior to getting proposals so that your dealer can do their best to prevent unexpected costs. Planning on taking down any walls? Allow the contractors to cut holes in them to get an idea what is hidden behind them. While experienced remodelers work on projects regularly, there are always circumstantial variations from the norm.

Why did the other guy give a lower estimate?

No two quotes on a home renovation will be apples to apples.  Every design studio has its own setup with varying supplier lines, levels of training and skill sets, a different sized crew, etc.  If one quote is not matching another designer’s quote, it’s because they’re all taking in different factors and presenting a different scope of work.  While one quote may be lower, the other may be presenting a longer lasting product with a better warranty.  Or, a lower price may be due to a promotion running at that dealership at that time.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding kitchen estimates and quotes, don’t hesitate to contact your designer – they’re there to help…and if they’re not, well, maybe it’s time to find a new one!