101-questions-to-ask-kitchen-dealerYou’ve done your research and found a kitchen and bath remodeler in your area…now you’re so close, you can almost taste the food cooking in your new kitchen.  But, instead of going full throttle into your remodel, it is important to take the necessary steps to make sure you get a good feeling about your project.  Make sure you ask the right questions during your first meetings with your kitchen dealer.

Get the facts

To get you off on the right foot, we’ve come up with a few important starters to run by your chosen dealer.

1 – How much experience do you have designing and remodeling kitchens?

Of course you will want the answer to reflect that they know what they’re doing.  Be specific enough by asking about the person who will actually be designing your kitchen.  Ask how they were trained and how many other kitchens they’ve transformed as well.

2 – Do you have references I may contact? 

Most kitchen and bath dealers will keep a list of customers who are willing to be contacted in case people like you request a few.  If the dealer isn’t able to give you references right away, they should be able to pull something together quickly.  After all, they do have experience, right?

3 – What are my payment options?

Make sure the kitchen remodel payment options work for you.  Find out a typical schedule breakdown of payments so that you’re not thrown off-guard by their process, and you’ll be prepared for your first payment.

4 – Who actually installs my project?

Many dealerships offer an in-house installer, but usually if you have a favorite handyman/installer, they will allow you to use your own.  One thing to consider is that their installer is likely familiar with their exact product line, so he should know any nuances and can communicate easily with the dealership if any issues come up.  If you do choose your own installer, make sure they are licensed and registered with the state and that they are insured as well.

5 – How long will the whole process take?

This will vary depending on the size of your project, but the key point here is to make sure it fits into your schedule.  Keep in mind holidays and other times where you don’t want your kitchen to be under construction.  If the time frame doesn’t fit into your schedule, perhaps it’s best to postpone a little bit, or rework your holiday plans ahead of time.

6 – What happens after everything is completed?

The contractor or a quality control specialist should go through and inspect everything with you after the kitchen remodel is complete.  If any defects are discovered, they should be able to take care of them.  This is also why it can be wise to use an in-house contractor, because they’ll be able to easily communicate any errors or defects with the dealer.  Your dealer should also offer warranties, so make sure you find out what is covered under warranty, and how long the warranties will last.

Proper planning in the beginning stages of your remodel will give you a better feel for whether or not this dealer is right for you.  Remember to check for online reviews, but take them with a grain of salt, as some postings may not be entirely accurate.  If you’re having any doubts or additional questions pop up, ask the dealer.  Give them a chance to sell themselves as the person for the job.