46-single-basin-kitchen-sinkIf you are planning to install a new sink during your upcoming kitchen remodel, you may have already noticed, it isn’t as simple of a decision as one might initially think.  Aside from deciding whether to get a drop-in, under mount or apron sink, you must also decide if you’d like a single basin, double basin…or even a triple basin sink.  In this post, we’ve made the case for single basins.

The Single Basin

I don’t really think the definition is needed as it is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you don’t know…  a single basin sink is a sink with only one basin and one drain.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not the same as the sink in your old apartment.  Although, there are some pretty basic single basin sinks, there are also some really beautiful ones.

Some benefits include:

  • Cost – Typically if you are choosing between a single basin sink and a double basin sink, you may find that the single basin sink will do less damage to your wallet.  But remember, the fancier you go, the more the price will grow.
  • Plumbing – Since they have only one drain, single basin sinks may not require much in the way of plumbing.  Sinks with multiple basins have multiple drain hookups, which may not pose a problem either…just depends on your situation.
  • Save space – Typically, single basin sinks take up less counterspace, so they may be an ideal choice for a smaller kitchen.  However, if you want it to be a large single-basin, you can do that as well.
  • Basin size – The main compartment may be larger than either segment of the double sinks.  This is a huge plus when it comes to filling buckets, washing deep pots and pans, or even soaking stubborn baking dishes.

Since there is no right or wrong choice in the way of number of basins for you, our next article will feature the benefits of a double basin sink.  Stay tuned.