Anyone that has been through one knows the pain and effort involved in a kitchen or bath remodel. One thing we don’t talk about enough, but that is VERY real, is the JOY that comes once the remodel is complete. There is one thing that we can’t truly describe in an article. It’s the feeling that homeowners have and express, after completing their remodel.

Joy in Kitchen

Homeowners tell us of what an exhilarating feeling it is standing in their completed, beautiful, ready-to-organize kitchen. It’s kind of like the feeling of having a brand new car and how everyone wants to be in the car. Everyone wants to just hang out in the new kitchen because it’s a much better place than it used to be.

Here are the words that we hear expressed frequently:

  • Ecstatic
  • Joy
  • Happy
  • Rich (yeah we thought that one was interesting after spending a bunch of money on a remodel)
  • Inviting
  • Social
  • Patient (I guess they yell less with a new kitchen?)
  • Newness
  • Organized

Like everything else in life, to get something you will love takes work. But we’re here to tell you that it’s always worth the effort to get that amazing kitchen or bath that makes life feel “new” again. Like you’re in a new house.

As we have learned from people that express it, what changes in their house is not just the visual layout, but attitudes and behaviors as well. Everybody seems to be more happy, patient and content in the new kitchen.  Not to mention the fact that family meals are more enjoyable.  Those who do the cooking are more excited and willing to cook.

I haven’t seen anyone put a price tag on those things as of yet, but to many they are more valuable than the dollars themselves.

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