184-laundry-roomLaundry rooms are no longer being overlooked in homes.  They are actually becoming a very popular area to remodel.  The average family does more than 400 loads of laundry each year (I know…it makes me tired just thinking about it). Think about your current laundry room – does it make the chore worse, or better?

Most laundry rooms are small in size or relegated to the basement; but no matter where yours is stationed or what it looks like, you can make improvements. Even if you don’t have a budget that would allow big changes in laundry room storage, appliances or flooring, there are plenty of smaller updates you can take on yourself to make your space more enjoyable.  Below are simple suggestions on how to transform your laundry room into a brighter and happier place:

Remove doors

If you have upper or lower cabinets, remove the doors and use baskets.  It creates a brighter and more open space.  Assign each family member a different color basket, and sorting will be easier.

Paint your cabinet interiors

Choose a fun color and paint the inside of your cabinets or select your favorite wallie (wall decal) or mural and apply them to your cabinets.  Create your own personalized panels with cork or chalkboard paint for a fun touch.

Update your look

If you have outdated floors, cabinets and countertops, update them with a new coat of paint, or resurface your floors and countertops.  New paint and a concrete overlay can be done for minimal cost, just make sure youresearch and choose the proper materials.

Rolling laundry butler

A laundry butler simplifies your laundry tasks—most come with a hanging bar, a basket and a drying rack.  If it has been years since you updated your laundry room accessories, this is the perfect choice for a smaller room.

Add some interest

Artwork and mirrors can personalize your space and make it much homier and less utilitarian.  Add family pictures or frame those art projects your children lovingly made for you.

Folding station

Create a place for folding clothes by using a slab of stone, or simply paint a piece of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) so you can  place it on top of your washer/dryer unit.  It will also keep socks from falling between the appliances.

By using a few of these ideas, you can transform your laundry room into an enjoyable place, and those 400 loads of laundry won’t seem so daunting.