155-espresso-kitchenIsn’t it time to remodel your kitchen? After all, that’s where everyone seems to congregate, despite trying to corral them in the living room. So make sure that when you’re throwing a party, people are awed by your taste in faucets, floors and countertops. The easiest way to do this is to follow the current kitchen remodeling trends and hope that they last well past the next few years.

Staying somewhat neutral will help ensure your choices don’t fizzle out quickly.  Here are some other tips:

So hot right now

Islands are so hot right now… not the tropical kind (which are hot), but the kind that give your kitchen multidimensional flair. And on top of that, they give you all sorts of storage space for your overflowing pantry or wine collection. The space is also a great place to put fancy snacks and drinks for when your guests migrate in..

So sleek

For a clean look that’s sure to grab attention, think in black and white when you’re choosing your finishes. Consider a dark finish, like you may use on your furniture. It’ll give your kitchen a sleek, professional look that’s sure to make everything stand out.

So cool

While in current kitchen remodeling trends everyone is hiding their appliances, there is one appliance you need out in order to wow your friends…an espresso machine. It’s the high-tech gadgets you’ll want on the counters, not the stand mixer or the bread machine.

So now

Speaking of the countertops, you need to do away with whatever you have. Porcelain or ceramic slab countertops are all the rage and they can look like anything you want, like wood, stone, etc. But that’s not all…they’re durable and give your room a current look.

So if you’re ready to say hello to a kitchen with style, follow these simple tips. Of course, make sure you’re also ready to say hello to the bill. Just kidding! Kitchen remodeling is actually a lot more affordable these days, so there’s something for every budget.