169-limited-budgetDream kitchens always seem to scare people into thinking they can never have anything new in their space. Homeowners often think that to update their kitchen, they need to liquidate all of their assets and sell part of their soul to get anything close to what they see in the magazines. These homeowners have missed the beauty of a kitchen update that isn’t designed to ruin your savings account.

The kitchen remodel is all about the budget. Whether you are prepared to give it all the money you’ve got, or you just need something new to spice up the space, the budget is the bottom line in a remodeling project. Luckily, there are a tremendous variety of ways to update your kitchen and create a whole new space, on a limited budget.

Walls and windows

Without having to smash cabinets and take down walls, you can give your kitchen a facelift with simple changes to the walls and windows. Some say your walls are like a canvas for you to express yourself, so go ahead and do it! Think about textures and layers of materials to make the walls pop. A cool idea for your walls is to tile them from countertop to ceiling, getting rid of the need for a backsplash (because now your whole wall is one).

Windows are a great place to really spice up your look without a ton of work. Window treatments can tie two rooms together if you live in an open concept house, or they can be the accents to the space you have. You can also look into adding a stained glass or frosted glass feature if the view out the kitchen window is less than stellar.

Cabinets and floors

You might think that including cabinets in your kitchen update will blow your budget, but fear not! Refacing your cabinets is something that you can do yourself (or hire a professional to do if you aren’t so handy). Giving your cabinets a breath of life with a new paint, stain or glaze can take the room to a new level.

Something often overlooked, because it’s on the ground, is flooring. Installing new floors can create a different feel in the space. If you currently have drab, builder’s grade linoleum, consider changing up your flooring. You’d be surprised to see what new floors can do to a space by adding a feeling of warmth and style.

Focal points

No matter where you decide to put your money in your kitchen update, make sure you create focal points in your room. A focal point creates an area in the room that people will be drawn to. It could be a kitchen island, seating area, bar or in general anywhere that a person’s eye will primarily focus. At these focal points, make sure you have creative pieces and elements that make the space feel unique to you. This can include fun countertop appliances, lighting fixtures, bowls, platters, etc. Just make the space your own.

Your kitchen remodel doesn’t have to break the bank or take months to complete. With a little thought and research, you can change the space into something totally new.