197-chefIt’s easy to put everything on your wants list when it comes to your kitchen remodel, but for many of us, that just isn’t practical.  Sure, a chef’s kitchen would look pretty amazing in your place, but if you’re not going to use it, you’re just paying all of that money for looks alone.

There are plenty of tools online to help you get an idea of the types of appliances and materials you should look for in your upcoming remodel, but you’ll benefit the most from talking with an industry professional.  They’ll often think of solutions and cost-savers many people don’t even know are available.

Have some fun

It never hurts, though, to have a little fun in the early stages of your remodel; so feel free to peruse the internet for quizzes and games to help you find your style and needs.

Here is a quiz to help sort the Executive Chefs from the Chef Boyardees: What Kitchen Style is Best for You?

Here is another we found helpful: Uncovering Your Kitchen Style

To learn more about your kitchen style, download the free kitchen style guide below: