PizzaWhile doing some traveling recently, a very important component about designing a kitchen occurred to me.  Your kitchen will most certainly indicate what you should be doing in it, how long you should be lingering, and if you will find yourself in good company while in it.  Basically, your kitchen inadvertently tells you what to do while you are there.

Now back to the part of how this phenomenon originally came to me.  I always find it fascinating that each city has its own culture and pulse. This is noticeable in everything from the cuisine, locals attitudes, accents, types of homes, and of course – interior of homes.  My first stop was none other than the beautiful Lake Tahoe.  First of all, wow – what a great city.  This entire city had the “great outdoors” rustic feel to it.  Even back at our cozy cabin, there was that same rustic feel.  You get the idea…fireplace burning, maple cabinets, and of course hot chocolate for our disposal.

What it said

The aesthetic of our particular kitchen in Lake Tahoe told me to take it easy, and consequently I ended up making fairly easy recipes like chili and pizza. That particular kitchen also told me to get out of the kitchen and into the living room where everyone was circled around the fireplace.  This kitchen was not intended to be the focal point of the house, and so, it wasn’t.

Flash forward to Thanksgiving in Turks and Caicos – the entire focal point of the kitchen seemed to be margarita glasses – so this kitchen must want me to drink a margarita.  Also, the kitchen was bright and open to the living room which made it easier to bake island fish dishes while still mingling with my family.  I practically lived in this kitchen, and was happy to do it.  The bright colors and open space made this space hugely inviting for everyone to settle in.

Back at home

This got me thinking, what is my kitchen at home telling me to do?  Having remodeled my entire kitchen only two years ago with a local cabinet dealer – I was very specific that I wanted a kitchen that said, “Eat, drink, and be merry.”  Now that I have had the opportunity of reflecting on what it is I actually do in my kitchen two years later, I can honestly say they did a great job – this is exactly what we do.  The designer I worked with created an open space from the area I cook in, directly to the dining room and living room.  There is a bar where my family frequently just sits and chats while one of us prepares a meal.  It is a place where we quite literally eat, drink and are merry.

If you are in the process of remodeling or redesigning a brand new kitchen, just remember, your kitchen is going to be a place with a lot of action (or not) and either is fine – just know that you and your designer are the ones controlling the voice of your future kitchen.  Tell your designer what you expect out of your kitchen, and your kitchen will tell you what it expects for years to come.