37-when-remodeling-not-optionFor those of you who have chosen an entire kitchen remodel – this is the best decision that will prove as a great investment five years from now.  If you can financially do this, there is no better time.  However, for those who are cash strapped and remodeling is not an option, there are small things you can do that will make a big difference.

I would personally like an entire kitchen remodel.  While I’m at it – a new bathroom, a new car, a trip abroad, and why not a pool boy?  (Guess that means I’ll need a pool too). While this little burden known as the economy may keep me from lounging in a hot pink raft on my back porch, it certainly cannot keep me from at a minimum, spicing up my kitchen at little to no cost.

Open it up

Have you ever walked into a room where things are just cluttered and you suddenly feel a bit claustrophobic?  Kitchens, more than in any other room, can be a reflection of “cluttering.”  You tend to have so many little tools and gadgets in your kitchen (i.e. blenders, coffee makers, toasters) that it is easy for things to appear muddled.

This is the easiest fix of them all.  All that’s required is a little organization and tidiness on your part. Clean out your cabinets and make space for things you typically would leave hanging out on the counter.  I know what you’re thinking –your cabinets are a little too full to fit your entire toaster and coffee maker.  I assure you, from personal experience this weekend – that is not the case.

Sort through your cabinets.  Donate bowls and dishes that you aren’t using to your local Goodwill or neighbor.  Stop saving that punch dish that you’re sure will be needed at your next big shin dig – no one drinks punch anymore.  The same goes for your fine caviar serving platter – it’s great, but not functional. With all of your newly freed space, you will have plenty of room to de- clutter your counters leaving your kitchen area more open and refreshing.


Now you have some open space – let’s make the best of it. It’s time to decorate.  Your kitchen and wardrobe live by the same rule of thumb here – accessorize, but not too much.  Having loved style in all things my entire life, I’ve learned the simple key to any great style.  Whether it’s an outfit, room, or an entire appearance – the key to great style is to never look like you are trying too hard.  “Oh, this old crystal vase full of fresh flowers on my kitchen countertop? Yah, I just kind of… threw it together.”

No one needs to know you spent hours deciding on a flower color that would best match the granite on your countertops.  Another great, simple addition is a wine rack or fruit display.  These are not clutter like your kitchen gadgets. These are small nuances that provide a warm, lived in feeling to your entire kitchen.


Color you – blue, purple or green, or whatever you feel like. This one is fairly straight forward.  There is no better way to change an appearance of an entire room than to actually change the color of it.  Check out sites like Elle Décor for the latest color trends.   Keep in mind, you may fall victim to unruly assumptions based on your kitchen colors!

Meals and memories are made in the kitchen – why not make it the most conducive atmosphere you can for that reason alone?  And lastly, good luck in the cleaning process.