187-help-meAre you the type of person who likes to do everything yourself?  In the age of Pinterest, blogging and YouTube, it’s tough to stumble upon a project that doesn’t also have some sort of step-by-step instruction tutorial available online.  Everyone is an expert these days – and if you’re not, spend a few hours online, and you will be (or at least that’s what many of us think).

Getting crafty

It’s easy to get sucked into the hype of DIY – heck, if that guy from your high school remodeled his bathroom and posted pictures of it on facebook, you can surely show him up with your DIY kitchen remodel.  Right?

While it may seem like everything is easy peasy at first glance, you’ll quickly find there is much more than meets the eye.  Sometimes, it’s best to leave the tough stuff for the designer or remodeling professional, and then if you’re feeling handy, there are also many remodeling tasks you can help with.

What does a designer have that I don’t?

Hiring a designer may be the smartest decision of your whole remodel – and here are just a few reasons why:

They take the guesswork out – While a kitchen design sounds fun in theory, there are a gazillion measurements, codes, safety hazards and styles to keep in mind.  Designers and remodelers work on kitchens every day, so they know exactly what to look for, where to look for it and what to avoid.

They know all the options available – A good designer will stay up-to-date on trends, products available and forthcoming, so you’ll have access to all sorts of intel, without having to search far and wide for it.  They’ll work to maximize every square inch, while considering aesthetics and functionality.

They know the creative solutions in your budget – While you may be able to figure out a great solution for your storage issues, the pricing of that solution may not fall anywhere near your comfort zone.  Designers know the ins and outs of all the brands they carry, and should be able to offer you solutions you either don’t know exist, or don’t know you can afford.  Can’t argue with that!

They have more references than you – While you may be fully confident in your own abilities to create a kitchen from scratch, what proof do you have that you won’t screw everything up?  Reputable designers will come with references and reviews from previous clients.  Who would you want to have do your dental work…yourself, or a dentist with raving reviews?

If they make the mistake, it’s not your fault – I know you don’t make mistakes often, but let’s just say itcould happen.  If you make a mistake on your remodel, you’ll have to figure out how to fix it; and mistakes can be costly.  If a professional makes a mistake on your remodel, they need to figure out how to fix it, and if it is a reputable company, they’ll be eating that cost.

So there you have it…a few of the many reasons you should hire professional help for your remodel.  If you’d still like to get your hands dirty a bit, check out the free DIY Remodel Guide below for guidance on the best places to assist: