85-your-beach-inspired-kitchenSummer is just around the corner, and that means…beach season!  It’s not difficult to get inspired by the beach…a tropical paradise, visions of the warm sunlight, crystal blue water, walking along the white sandy shore, and listening to the slight breeze as it blows through the Palm trees.  While beach trips may be few and far between for some, it would be nice to bring a splash of that “beach getaway” feeling into your kitchen, where so much of your time is spent.

We posted a previous article on what your kitchen is telling you.  Well, this kitchen would say “it’s time for the beach.”  A great place to start for inspiration is in the colors.


White can give a calm, fresh, cool feel, much like the summer breeze.  This can be a great base color to pull through any kitchen, and right now white cabinets are very popular again – timeless – as many say.  They come in an array of finishes; from laminate, vinyl foil or plastic, to white stain or painted wood.  White can be a great neutral to work around, giving room to play with color in other areas such as countertops and backsplash.  If white cabinets aren’t your thing, you can pull in the “sand-inspired” white or off-white in many ways, including countertops, appliances, flooring, towels or even something as simple as dinnerware.

Yellow, green and blue

A great place to make a statement is with your wall color.  Paint is one of the easiest and most cost effective changes you can make to any room.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to painting is tonot paint!  So grab a paint brush and get to work.  Think of a warm yellow, pulling in the sun element.  If you would prefer a more subdued color, opt for a soft blue, representing the ocean, or even a clean crisp light green, to remind you of nature and the palm trees.  Use bright colors in decorative items; such as place mats, table settings and throw rugs.  There are so many areas in the kitchen to splash with color.

Brown and tan

Think about the natural colors of trees and driftwood on the beach.  Did you know you can actually have hardwood floors made from driftwood?   Examples of other tropical woods used in flooring are teak, bocote, bamboo, purpleheart and cocobolo, but the list is endless.  Shutters, instead of curtains, are also an option to bring in the wood feel, or you can opt for Bamboo window treatments.

No matter what your style, just remember that much of your time is spent in the kitchen.  So, when it comes to remodeling, choose a style and theme that reflects your interests and creates a fun space that you’ll enjoy being in.  If you get stuck, ask your kitchen designer for inspirational tips.  They’ve most likely seen and done it all!